Wildberry is a specialty cake bakery, located in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn.Our cakes are delicious and unique.When you taste our cakes you can get our freshly brewed coffees.


Delicious food, passion for celebration, and good hospitality is the core foundation of Wildberry. I am the owner of Wildberry, Irina, who grew up in the Northwestern side of Russia, Murmansk, surrounded by my dreams of living in a big city. Very early in my life did I realize that baking good things to eat was far more than simply feeding the hungry crowd. So ultimately, I followed my dreams to be in the big city along with my passion for baking and swirling my art onto delicious cakes. I moved to New York in 2017 with an aspiration to launch and grow my cake baking business.

I launched my bakery in 2017 using a small commercial kitchen and rapidly expanded it online. From birthday cakes to wedding cakes, floral cakes to hand-painted cakes, I go as fancy with the designs as possible. I constantly strive to stretch the boundaries of design and style while maintaining the highest standard of quality and taste. My cakes are much more than just a dessert; they are the centerpiece of your event. Eager to create a clean, modern design with tasteful grace and an eye for even the smallest, most intricate detail, I put my heart and soul into the process.

When you choose a Wildberry cake, you will get a beautifully crafted and great-tasting cake from the renowned chef of all time, Erginkara. He’s the third generation cook in his family who owned and operated personal family restaurants. In addition, he has worked at Crystal Mountain, Frankfort Take-Out, a Turkish take-out business he operated in Frankfort, and the former Copper Falls Steakhouse.

Wildberry is the most cherished cake lab and café in Sheepshead bay Brooklyn, NYC. It is in- house sweet heaven with tried-and-true dessert and baked goods. Our commitment to serving unique, artistic designs and signature flavored cakes has been eternal which draws the maximum amount of customers. Our freshly baked items having fresh and organic ingredients provide safe, high-quality, and healthy products for consumers that create a positive team experience, also leading to a happy guest experience. Wildberry and the team believe in the best-practice approach where we foster cordial relationships with our customers.


We work on 100% payments. Changes and cancellations of the order are possible three days before the celebration.

  • Choose design, composition, and weight. First, choose the design and composition of your cake. You can come up with a design yourself, spy on the Internet, or choose from our catalog. You can order a cake of any complexity and budget from us! Our pastry chefs will be happy to make all your wishes come true! Cake must be at least 25 slices.
  • Find out the price. If you decided on the design, weight, and composition, and now you want to know the price of the cake, then each cake in our catalog contains the price and weight of the cake.
  • Flowers, Figures, Mirror toppers are paid separately. If you want to order a cake that is not in the catalog, then call us on the given number and get full information about the price of your exclusive cake.
  • If the price of the desired cake seems too high to you, then we will help you come up with a similar cake, but in a lower price category. We are ready to help you decide, come up with something unusual within your budget.
  • Order a cake. You can order a cake every day from any day of the week. Call +1(347)-312 51-97 or use the online order form under each cake in the catalog. Our managers will call you back immediately to confirm the order. Send a request to our email address at hello@wildberrycake.com and our managers will immediately answer or call you back.
  • Terms of order execution. How quickly will you receive your cake? The average time for making a cake is from 1 to 7 days. An order made within a day or on the day of contact is considered urgent. More detailed information on the phones is indicated on the site. (https://wildberrycake.com)